Janis was born on very early morning on May 29, following Kate.
My last breeding was in 1986 with a toy poodle.

Leanne had only two puppies, Janis and Kate. I didn't want 10 puppies but I was a little disapointed with only two pups. However, I was lucky to evaluate two females.
I didn't think of making money with breeding. Even if I had 10 and sold them all, I know I'd go into red. <g>

The photo left was taken on the day she was born.

Janis' health status is here.

Since I was busy, I took my puppies to my office everyday. Above photos were taken when they were about three weeks old.
On the photo right, Janis tried hard to escape from the box but fell dead on the basket.
I clipped puppies' faces when they were about a month old. It is the most exciting moment but I was very disapointed when I saw Janis' face. I wanted a very pretty face just like Leanne but her face belied my hopes.
As growing, her ugly face was getting better. The photo left was one of my favorites. She looks so cute with a ribbon.

I took her name after the legendary rock'n roller, Janis Joplin. The name may be bad. Janis-the-puppy is so wild, energetic, cheeky and noisy. I called her mother Leanne a monky because she was so nuts, but her puppy is more than that. She soon whines hard when things go wrong with her and I call her a cheep-cheep monster.

Janis at 8 months old.
I thought she was an ugly girl but finally she looked so much like her mother.
She started her show career when she was about 5 months old. The photo above was taken when she was 9 months at her last puppy match show. (Puppies have no points, no cards for the title.)
She was so bad at her first show. She refused judges and hopped in the ring. With a lot of practice, she gets better.

Janis has finished JKC tiltle in January 2007, all owner-handled. We need to have 4 CC's (champion challenge certificate) from at least two different judges and one of them should be a major CC to finish. Three of her CC's were given from foreign judges.