At FCI International Dog Show in Chiba.
Janis is about 7 months and a half.
She started her 2006 show with a big hop!
Early in February. Just 8 months, at puppy group ring
Above: 9 months. Her last show in Puppy Class

Right: April 16
At 10 months and a half in the regular class
Got Best of Breed and this was her first CC (Champion Challenge Certificate).

Left: October 29
Getting her first Major CC from a huge group ring.
Judge: Mr. Richard Lopaschuk (Canada)
Right: November 5
Got her third CC from Mrs. Elaine Young (USA) and one more to finish.
December 18, at FCI International Dog Show in Tokyo.
We couldn't get a card to finish but Janis showed herself very nicely and I was so pleased with this. This is one of my favorite pix.
January 21, 2007
We drove over 6 hours to Osaka to finish.
Got the last CC (major) and finished JKC title.
Judge: Ms. Yolanda Nagler-Magal (Israel)