I'm sure you'll be surprised! There's a big great news this year!! Guess what? PUPPIES!!!!!
Leanne finally had puppies in the end of May. I'm sure this is the biggest news in 2005.
Since Leanne didn't get pregnant last year, I brought her to Ontario this March to breed her again.
I spent about a week in Hamilton with Leanne and my friend's two poodles. That was a very busy trip because I had to work even in Canada through internet, but I really enjoyed my second stay there.
Especially I enjoyed the snow so much! <laugh>
I really didn't expect it would snow but it did. I guess this was the first snow for Leanne and I hope she enjoyed it too.

Photo on left was taken at my friend's backyard.
The weather changed so quickly that most of this snow (it was about 5") had gone next day.

Eye screening and OptiGen 20/20 Clinic

This was another big event of the year. After I came back from Canada, my friend and I held eye screening by veterinary ophthalmologist and blood drawing for OptiGen 20/20 clinic.
This was a big event. I had to prepare everything for the clinic even when I was in Ontario, Canada. Since we don't have an organization like CERF in Japan, number of the veterinary ophthalmologist here is very few. Thus, it is hard for most of the breeders here to have their dogs checked. I asked one of the ophthalmologists to do eye checks and blood drawing on the same day.
The event was very successful; we collected 39 samples - 36 toy poodles, 3 Border Collies and one E. Cocker. Isn't that great?!


On May 29, two puppies were born. Yes, Leanne had _only_ two....
Though she got only two, fortunately both of them are girls. This photo was taken at the day of birth.

Since Leanne had only two, both of them were a bit bigger and they grew so quickly after the birth. They seemed to grow hour by hour!
Leanne has been a very good mother and she always took very good care of her puppies.

Believe it or not, my last breeding was done about 20 years ago. <laugh!>
These two pups made me so busy for a while.

Photos above were taken when they were about 1 month old. The left one was born first. Her name is Kate and she went to my friend's home when she was 10 weeks old. Kate is really cute, has a great temperament and I'm sure she is the joy to live with. I really love her character but I gave her up because I didn't like some of her faults in conformation. Her new owner had been waiting for a SP puppy for about 5 years and I believe she should be so lucky to have Kate.
The right one is Janis, who has become our third SP.
Poor old Nanako wasn't happy with new puppies. Leanne growled at Nanako when she approached Leanne's cage. After puppies were grown, they acted very rude to her and those little devils didn't care even if Nanako growled at them.

Nanako used to love puppies and enjoyed playing with them but now she doesn't have any interests with them. She seemed she had some hard times for a while.