There are always good news and bad news. Looking back my poodle life in '04, I'd like to say that it was a good year for me. Well, being honest, I just can't remember well how I spent each day though! <laugh>
nanako Old Nanako

I'm pleased to announce that Nanako had turned 14 WITHOUT having any trouble, especially bloat since last September. This is one of the best news of this year. Her condition is not perfect; her heart is getting worse and she has become almost blind after dark. I know these changes are common for old dogs but thinking of her age, I think she still looks very young and still acts like a young dog.

However, one thing she bothers me everyday is that she needs to go for a toilet every three hour, sometimes shorter than three. I need to watch my clock and always remember her toilet schedule. I have to put a paper diaper on her at night too. Fortunately she doesn't care about wearing anything! Excepting her toilet problem, she is always so happy and enjoying her old days.

Nanako holding a ball
happy Nanako
Though she can't enjoy a long walk due to her old age now, she can enjoy playing catch. I'm glad she still has something to enjoy, but I don't want her to get too much excited. She doesn't understand that her heart and eyes are getting weaker than before.
Leanne's American Life

I brought Leanne to her original breeder's home this April. Since it is a long trip from here to Chicago, I was worrying about her condition but she was just all right after a long flight (about 10 and a half hours). She ran like crazy at the run.

Leanne at the run After resting a couple of days, we drove about 8 hours to the dog shows held in Minnesota.

Since Leanne and I were away from dog shows more than 3 months then, I was afraid if she could show herself well at the ring. Despite my worry, she went up to the BOW and took her first 2-point at her very first show. Well, that should not be Leanne's effort but Carol's superb handling and a little bit of luck.

Right before the show, Carol stepped on some dog's poop at the hotel parking. It's a kind of a hell experience but sometimes we say 'You're gonna have a luck today.' as a joke because Japanese word for a poop sounds very similar to the word luck. Leanne got a beginner's luck!

Leanne got her first major in May and finished with 4 point major in July. I thought finishing at AKC would take more time, but she did it very quickly. She should come into season in August but it delayed. She finally had to spend whole 6 months in the US. (If you'd like to see her show photos, click here.)

While she was not with me, it was so quiet. I did miss her so much. I suddenly lost my routine grooming jobs - brushing, bathing, scissoring, making style for dog shows. However, Nanako enjoyed her 'only child' days while Leanne was gone.

Carol & Leanne at Minnesota

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