Leanne - a Sight Poodle

Leanne is doig very fine.

Leanne has a curious mind. When we go somewhere and if she sees something strange or unusual object, she insists on checking it. Sometimes it is just a plastic bag of garbage, a stone, a broken bicycle, a discarded magazine, etc. At many times she is very curious to check people too. What surprises me is that she has very good eyes. Even a strange object is so far away from us, she soon finds it and wants to go to check it. I think she is a 'sight poodle.'

I check her eyes annually and of course her test result is always normal. <g>

At six years, and soon will be seven, (time flies so fast!!) Leanne still looks young and pretty, and is powerful outside.

Sometimes she competes Janis with a ball and most of the time, she loses because Janis is so quick to get it.
This time Leanne won the game.

Leanne is working hard at my office as a fax retriever.
She occasionally works as a demonstration dog at seminars too.

She still has some problems - gets nuts when she sees especially Chihuahuas and totally goes crazy when she sees cats, but she is so much fun to be with.

Though Janis has become 2.5 years, Leanne still plays a good mother sometimes.

Anyway, Leanne is always pretty and cute.
She is the queen of my home.