While Janis was not at home, Leanne enjoyed her only child life except when Chibiko (Sasha) was here.
Leanne's reaction against Chibiko was very interesting.
Leanne has never got angry even when Janis stepped on her but the story is totally different with Chibiko.
It means that Janis is Leanne's daughter but Chibiko is just a stranger.
Most of the time Leanne ignored Chibiko but when she tried to cut right in front of Leanne, she got so mad even it was not a big problem at all. Poor innocent Chibiko often got chewed up by Leanne, but she is so sweet that she never tried to fight back.
I was surprised to see how mean Leanne was.

The city of Kawasaki opened a new big park at the Kawasaki Port in April. I really like this new place and visit there almost everyday with Leanne. When it is fine, I even stop my work and drive there.

Leanne enjoys a long walk on a flexi and I enjoy watching ships or freight vessels and planes landing at or taking off from Haneda Airport in Tokyo. (Kawasaki is right next to Tokyo.)
JKC held agility trials for two days here in May.
It has a dog run and we sometime use it when there are no other dogs.

Leanne and Janis again

I was interested in seeing how Leanne and Janis behave when seeing each other again after a long blank.
Leanne acted as if she has been with Janis but Janis growled at Leanne a bit. Since her growl didn't sound seriously, I was not worried much. However, I really didn't expect Janis behaved like this and I still don't know why.

After a couple of days, she stopped growling at Leanne and Leanne started inviting Janis to play.
Though Janis seemed she didn't remember her mother for the first few days, she remembered very well what she used to do at home and our office. She barks at stray cats when going out for a toilet, takes out her favorite toys from the toy box, begs my husband for some free treats when coming to our office and welcomes strangers with a big bark. She is still a ball crazy too.

Now Leanne and Janis are enjoying everyday as usual and Leanne seems she is so happy to have Janis with her.

Janis really looks like Leanne. Sometimes it is hard even for me to tell which is who at a glance.

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