Grandma, Mom and a Baby Sara

Time flies so fast and from the end of March, one by one, Leanne's toys (Janis puppies) were leaving us. I keep one girl from them and named her Sara. Photo on right is Sara when she was only 2 days old.

Now we have a grandma, mom and a baby. It is very interesting to see three generations and their behaviors.

The relationship between Leanne and Janis has been changed. I'd say Janis has been changed after being a mother of seven. Janis used to be a big baby of Leanne but she is completely independent from her mother now. Leanne used to treat Janis as her big baby but now she is more interested in a real baby, Sara.

Janis is a gentle mother and Sara seems to think that she can do almost anything to her mom. Sara is so rude - she bites and nips her mother's neck and toes. Janis of course growls at Sara but it is not enough to stop her bad behavior.

The story is totally different with a grandma. Leanne is strict. Leanne really loves her grandchild and still takes care of her - she licks Sara's rear end after the toilet. Sara loves her grandma too but Leanne is the only one who can knock over Sara and make her cry. Yes, Leanne can literally knock over Sara.

Sometimes Sara can be a problem between Leanne and Janis. When Sara acts naughty, Leanne growls and scolds Sara. Leanne is doing just right but this Leanne's attitude gets Janis mad at her.
I'm afraid it may provoke a fight someday and I really want Sara to behave. Basically they are doing great but I need to take a closer look at their behaviors and always try to avoid problems.

Above left: Sara is 4 months old.
Above right: This is what Sara does to her mother. Sara never can do this to Leanne. If she would, I think Leanne might kill her. :-) Sara is about 6.5 months old.
Above left: Leanne loves chasing Sara and Sara enjoys it too.
As Sara grows, it becomes hard for Leanne to catch the baby and Leanne gets so exhausted after enjoying the chasing game. Leanne will be 9 in 2010.

Above right: Leanne licks Sara. Leanne used to do this to Janis too until Janis becomes a mother.