I usually uploaded Poodle Moments before Christmas but this year, I couldn't do this time.
There are some reasons for the delay. Number one reason is that I've been busy....
The second reason is I don't know why but I seem I just felt unmotivated.

Finally I am sitting before my computer and here it comes!!


The biggest news in 2009 is puppies. Janis had 7 puppies - one boy and six girls on January 20th. Her delivery was easy and she finished everything only in three hours. Photos below were taken on the day they were born.

Basically Janis was a good mother, however, she often left puppies and relaxed by herself from the first day. When Leanne had Janis and Kate, she didn't want to leave them and I had to pull her off puppies at her toilet times.

Janis and I were sleeping together with puppies in our dining room for about two weeks. Poor Leanne had to stay upstairs most of the time then because Janis got so protective. When Leanne tried to come down stairs, Janis growled at her under the stairs and sometimes she was ready to attack Leanne. So, everytime Leanne needed to go outside, I had to let Janis stay with puppies and close the door for Leanne's safety.
However, this didn't last long. Leanne really loves puppies and wanted to take care of them so much. One day when Janis was away from her pups' nest, Leanne took Janis's role. She sat among puppies and started taking care of them.

Above left: Leanne is enjoying licking puppies - one of her happiest moments!
Above right: While puppies are sucking, Leanne is taking care of their rear ends!

Leanne was happy because Janis gave her seven little toys! She was a good grandma - taking care of puppies well and enjoying playing with them. But sometimes she became a very strict grandma and puppies were scolded hard when they were so rude.

Having puppies are fun but a lot of work at the same time.
After they were three weeks old, I had to work as a slave everyday. They were cute but when they were awake and hungry, little angels turned seven little noisy monsters.

They consumed 100 sheets of puppy pads and drank a can of puppy powdered milk in four days!

Photo left: Fifth girl (now she is Leia) climbing up to Janis as if saying 'you know something, mommy.'