A little puppy grew quickly and genius angel has now become a disaster kid. In Japanese, genius is 'tensai' but with the same pronunciation, it also means disaster. We apply different Chinese characters for disaster though.

She has full of power, lots of energy and always trying to find something to play. I thought Leanne was a very active puppy but Janis is more than her mother.

When she was very young, I thought she had an ugly face. But after few months, she has become so much like Leanne. When I see her recent photo, sometimes I don't know if it is Leanne or Janis.

Dog Shows and Janis

Janis and I really enjoyed dog shows this year. When I began showing her in 'babies' class last year, she was so naughty. We practiced so many times and now she can show herself much better, she is doing very nice recently.

Let me explain a little bit about our dog show system. It is difficult for me to explain in English, but I'll try.

JKC show system is a bit different from AKC.
We have 'dog BOB' and 'bitch BOB', which means dogs and bitches are judged separately. Number one dog in the show is called KING and number one bitch in the show is called Queen. The BIS is chosen from these two, King and Queen.
CC (Champion Challenge Certificate) card is given to WD and WB or each BOB if there are three in one breed. In case of three dog Standards and two bitch Standards entry at one show, the card is given to the BOB dog but not to the BOB bitch.
In this case, the bitch should be picked up in Group to get CC at this show.
At local club shows, 'group judging' is done with a little bit strange system. All BOB dogs/bitches will be gathered in one big ring.
If there are 50 different breeds entered in one dog show, there will be 50 dogs in one big ring for Group judging and the BIS judge will pick up 13 dogs from them. Those picked 13 is called Excellent in Group. CC is given to the EXG dog when he didn't have enough number to get it in his breed ring. However, being picked up as Excellent in Group is very competitive and difficult because as said before, at many times we have over 50 breeds in one ring!
From this huge Group ring, judge will pick up 13 (EXG) first and from those 13, three will be picked up - one King (Queen for bitches) and two Reserves. Bitches will be judged in the same way and finally, King and Queen will be competing for the Best In Show.
In case of babies and puppies, the BIS judge pickes up 8 Excellent in Group dogs from all. We usually have 15 to 22 or so in puppy all breed ring.

We need 4 CC's to finish JKC title and one of them must be a MCC (Major CC).
MCC is given at club combined shows (several dog clubs hold one big show), at FCI International Dog Shows or when the local show is big (over 400 entries). Though registragion number of SP is increasing (in 2005, it was 600!!), they are still rare in our show rings. It is extremely difficult to find a chance for us to get MCC and at many times, even CC.

In case of Toy Poodles, situation is a bit different. We sometimes have 'special breed system' that is very much similar to specialty shows. This system is applied to very popular breeds like Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas or Golden Retrievers and so on. We need at least 40 entries to receive benefit of this system. Under this special system, you can get CC easier than other show. If there are at least three in one class, the first one in the class can get CC. In most cases, this special system will be applied to big shows, the card will be a Major CC.

At club combined shows or FCI shows, the Group Judging is done with the same way as AKC. However, Group Placement is only 2 (first and second) at combined shows, and only 3 (first, second and third) at FCI shows. Only FCI Asian International Dog Shows has 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placement.
I hope you can understand how different our local show system is. It is a bit puzzled, isn't it?

Janis got her first CC in April. Fortunately we had three SP bitches at a local show and she got Best Of Breed then. This was a nice win.
After that, we didn't have luck with shows or judges. I changed her style in mid May and we were away from dog shows for about four months.

In October, she was picked up as an EXG dog from huge all breed group ring (over 54 breeds) by a CKC judge, Mr. Richard Lopaschuk. This was so much exiting.
This show was big, so she got a Major CC. In November, she was again picked up as EXG from huge all breed group ring and got her 3rd CC. The judge was from AKC, Mrs. Elaine Young.

Now she's got 3 CC's including one MCC, she needs only one more to finish.