2007 has started with a very good news - Janis has finished JKC title! There is a very good news at the end of this year too. Janis won two big shows, Multi Specialty Show on December 22nd and Champion of Champions Show on the next day in Yokohama.
Dog Shows in 2007

Though the number of Standard Poodles here is increasing, we don't have many of them in the show rings. So, it is hard for us to get a Champion Challenge Certificate (CC) at local shows.
In January, I decided to make a long trip to Osaka and we got the last CC. (We need four and one of them should be a Major CC to finish.)

To understand JKC show system, please read here. However, this rule has been changed from July 2007. JKC has decided to quit "the Excellent Group system", which means all BOB dogs get togather in one ring and the BIS judge picks up 13 excellent dogs from them. JKC has adopted the breed group judging system at local shows. However, at Baby/Puppy Match Show, this Excellent Group System still remains. (at Match shows, 8 Babies/Puppies will be picked up from all BOB babies/puppies.)

The photo above was at the local dog club show in June and this is the last Excellent Group pick Janis got.
There were about 60 breeds in one ring! Imagine, this must be so hard for the BIS judge to select 13 from them.
The judge was Ms. Stephanie Rickard from Australia.

Through out 2007, we really enjoyed dog shows. Sometimes we didn't have luck and sometimes we were lucky to win.
Janis has four CACIB's now and we need the last one to finish FCI International Beauty Champion. In order to become FCI CH, we need four CACIB cards. CACIB is given to the BOB dog over 15 months old at the FCI International Dog Shows and we need to spend 1 year and 1 day from the first CACIB to the last CACIB. Janis' fourth doesn't meet this one-year-one-day rule. So, she needs one more.
On December 16 in Tokyo, we had a big FCI show and Janis did a very good performance there. I think that was one of her best show and we thought we could win, but unfortunately we couldn't. I hope we can get the last one early in next year.

A few days after the Tokyo show, we won at Multi Specialty Show and Champion of Champions Show. Janis was so nuts on both days but I am happy to get two big wins to finish 2007 dog shows.

There were 7 - 2 CH dogs, 2 regular class bitches and 3 CH bitches - on 22nd. Janis got the Best Bitch, then won Best of Breed. The judge was Dr. Agnes Kertes Ganami from Isreal.
On 23rd, there were 2 CH dogs and 3 CH bitches. (yes, the same dogs!) Janis was more nuts, so crazy on this day and I was almost giving up. The judge was Mr. Karl-Erick Johansson from Sweden and he gave her BOB. (Wow!!)

You may think they are 'small' shows but here in Japan, they are the BIG shows. <g> I am the only owner-handler in SP ring and you know, it is, at many times, so hard to win among professionals. Dr. Agnes Kertes Ganami told me that Janis moves very nicely and I am very happy to hear that.

These wins are the great Christmas present Janis gave me.

The biggest treat for Janis is a tennis ball. She really is a ball crazy and the right photo shows the happiest moment for Janis. Winning at dog shows is nice but having fun together outside is the happiest moment too!

Some show poodle people say you can't grow poodle coat if you don't put it in a crate. But I don't like my dogs spending most of the day in a crate. Since I want them to enjoy everyday life as a pet dog, I don't mind if they get all dirty after running around outside. Who cares? I can bathe them!