Connie was Addie's another daughter and she went to my friend's home when she was about 2.5 months old. She had been loved there, however, she suddenly came back to me when she was 13 years old. Her owner had a serious disease and could no longer take care of her.

When she came back , she seemed she couldn't adjust herself well to a new environment for a while. But she finally became a good companion to Addie, who had some anxiety due to the old age. With Connie, Addie didn't have to be all alone at home.

When Connie came, she was in a very bad condition as well as her owner. She had pyometra but she was refused to have an operation due to her very bad heart. Dying of pyometra or of anesthesia - that was a big bet.

I took her to my friend vet two days after and she was saved. However, due to her bad heart, I was told that she could live another two years or so. I always needed to keep my eyes on her condition since then.

Her real name was not Connie. She used be called Lily. I decided to change her name because she started a new life again.

Connie's father was a very strong boy. One day he fought with Shiba and won the battle. His bold temperament seemed to be inherited to her. When she went out for toilet and was barked at by the neighbor dogs, she ran against them to bark back. She was so quick that I couldn't stop her at many times. She was always the first one to rush to the door to bark furiously. It took me a while to correct this behavior. I attached a 6 feet leash on her collar and tied its end to my leg. Then I used some good treats to call her back at every time she tried to rush to the door. This worked and both of us enjoyed this game.

Though she was such a brave girl and acted like a little devil, she was so sweet at heart at the same time. She used to follow after me and wanted to be on my lap.

Connie was so sensitive to the cold and every winter morning, we had to compete the warmest place.
Addie (left) and Connie (right) at my office. They used to sleep like this while I'm working.
Connie passed away in January 2000. Her condition was so bad and anybody could tell she'd die soon if she'd leave the vet clinic. But I really didn't like her to die in a vet crate alone, so I took her home in the middle and took care of her last few days. On the way back to my home, she could meet her original family members. That was only my comfort.

She spent her last two and a half years with us. She experienced many things while she was with me. She went to some training classes, made a short trip to Kobe with Nanako and experienced a training camp together. I hope she enjoyed those days as well as I did.

This is Connie's last photo.
The one in the blue sweater is Connie.
She often took Addie's bed and when I took this picture, she sneaked in this bed knowing Addie was already there.

I was so surprised and upset when her owner called to ask me to take her back. I believe Connie was very lucky to be able to come back to me and I was also lucky to take care of her last two years.