Titi was Addie's daughter and she was always my number one kid. She was so spoiled and was always the 'baby' in my family. In fact she was so childish and I used to call her 'my ten-year-old puppy.'

This photo was taken when she was about 10 years old and at this time, she already suffered cushing's disease.

Two photos on right were taken at dog shows. Left is when she was 9 months old. She had bunch of hair and had a very good pigment. She was pretty but I wish I was more skilled groomer then! <g>

She didin't like dog shows that much but I enjoyed showing her and she finished quickly. She is still one of my favorite type of Toys.

When Nanako came, Titi seemed to be so surprised to meet the big version of Poodle and she tried to avoid her. To her eyes, Nanako seemed like a big monster. On the other hand, Nanako soon noticed that Titi was just a little spoiled baby who always followed her mother around like a shadow.

I was concerned if Titi was hurt by Nanako but they became good friends at the end. They used to share one bed.

Above photo is one of my favorites. Titi won the game and stole Nanako's ball. Nanako's body posture and her face expression look so funny and Titi looks as if she'd say, "Yeah! I've got it!!" It should be very funny if they could play comedy together. They were such a nice pair.

Nanako seemed she looked down Titi but to my eyes, they were psychologically on the same level. Both of them used to act so silly and childish.

The right photo is also one of my favorites. We used to take these three guys almost anywhere I go. I enjoyed them so much and I still cherish those days in my memory.

Titi died in 1994 after a long battle of Cushing's Syndrome. Her pedigree name is 'Fine Phoebe's Angel In My Arms.' She was exactly what her name says. I was with her all of her life, from the moment she was born to the very last time she went away. Her life was mine. I believe I'll never ever be able to have a baby like her. She was so special to me.
The left one is Monica, who is a litter mate to Titi. She was the spoiled baby of my parents.
She died of cancer in 1999 at the age of 15. I went to see her the day before she's gone and I was so surprised to see how pretty she was then. At the age of 15, she still had a perfect pigment.

I believe Addie and all of her kids now get together at the Rainbow Bridge.