Am.Ch. Cantif's All Around The World
DOB: Jan. 29, 2001
Coat color: Cream

Leanne came from the breeder in suburbs of Chicago, Illinois when she was 4.5 months old. It took me about 10 years to have a new puppy. (You can read why at the introduction page.) I think I was too patient and I'm amazed at myself, but Leanne's breeders might be more amazed.

She is always happy, active and energetic. She moves almost always and I had hard times to take her photos. So, I took her first one when she was lying.
When she's happy, she soon stands on her hind legs and she looks like a white long-armed ape.

When she sleeps, she usually sleeps on her back like the photo below.
I was so upset when I saw all of her four legs going up to her crate ceiling while we were driving. It was a very hot day and I thought she had a heat stroke. I pulled my car to the side of the road and looked into her crate. She was OK, she was just sleeping!

I sent this photo to her breeders and the breeder says "Her family members all sleep like this." Is it also a genetic? <g>

She looks like a 'good girl' at a glance. However, I have to fight with her when cleaning her ears or trying to put drops in her eyes. Since I really don't want to fight with her forever, I put clickers and treats anywhere in my house and I've started to teach her how to accept ear cleaning and eye drops.

Puppy is so much fun to live with and I'm enjoying her.