This is Addie, who changed my life.
This photo was taken when she was only 2 months and a half or so. She was so small, affectionate and helpless. She was just like an angel.
Do you know the famous old movie titled "Paper Moon" and the saucy little girl whom Tatum O'Neal played? I took her name from this movie and Addie grew up just like that 'Addie'.

When I got her I thought she could live with me only for about 15 years or so, but she lived up to 18 and a half years. She taught me lots of things in her long life. You can read how she spent her geriatric days at Poodle Moments.

I loved her pretty face. I showed and finished her by myself. The photo on left was taken when she was 9 months old.

Later I challenged obedience trials with her. When we started, she was already over 10 years old and she was always the oldest entrant at any obedience trials. I wanted to finish her obedience trial championship at JKC but while we were working, she became half blind and finally lost her hearing. She was just too old and we had to give up in the middle.

Teaching an old dog new tricks!

I taught her many tricks and she enjoyed playing them so much. Though she just did it for treats most of the time, she was so smart and learned many things so quickly. That was surprising.

Addie @office
As you can see on the right photo, her left ear got erected after she lost the sight of her left eye. She probably tried to hear more on that side.

She was a kind of stubborn one and she was always a queen in my household. She used to growl away Nanako from her bed. She was very good at using me too and I had to work for her like her servant. She really had me all the time. Without having her, I couldn't have my Poodle Life.